Glass Jewelry Drilling Kit

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Alcala Designs Glass Jewelry Drilling Kit is great for securing cabochons and smaller pieces of glass for drilling. The wooden block tightly holds pieces of glass, to prevent spinning, rocking and shaking during the crucial drilling step. Kit included handmade wooden drilling block, 1/8” professional grade drill bit, brass bristle cleaning brush, plastic water tray and lid. Note: Does not include drill or rotary tool shown.


Handmade wooden block designed for jewelry sized glass cabochons

Securely holds glass pieces ranging from 10mm (3/8”) up to 60mm (2”)

Designed for securing and drilling glass up to 10mm (3/8”) thick

Includes 1/8” (3.175mm) professional grade Speedbit with carbide tip

Bit drills glass, granite, marble, quartz, ceramic and porcelain tile

Bit fits most standard rotary tools, cordless drill and stationary drill presses

Designed to be used while glass is fully submerged in water

Includes 6 quart clear plastic water trap with snap lid for easy storage

Includes 8 inch cleaning brush brass bristles for block maintenance

NOTE: Kit does not include drill or rotary tool show in images