My name is Sean Free Alcala , a contemporary glass artist living and working in Salida, California. As a Bay Area native and nature enthusiast, I have always been deeply connected to the environment, especially the beaches, rivers and lakes of the West Coast. My primary glass aesthetic is based around the color, movement and energy of water.

As a child, I was blessed to be surrounded by a family of artists and makers, who showed me how to live a creative lifestyle. Just after graduating college, my father introduced me to kiln formed glass while working at his studio gallery in Carmel, California. Glass is the perfect medium for my curious mind because the possibilities are endless. I am constantly learning the science and tendencies of this mysterious molten material, while ever refining my cold-working skills needed to manipulate solid glass. 




All life is born from and sustained by water. In many ways earth is defined by the immense blanket of water that nearly covers our entire planet. This precious natural resource has all too often been overlooked and underappreciated. As a result, we are polluting and warming our oceans at a disastrous rate. Now, climate change has threatened our bodies of water and fragile ecosystems across the world.

Today, creators have an opportunity to influence humanity by making work that promotes environmental awareness and cultivates change in behavior. My intention as a glass artist is to capture the essence of water and help others realize the urgency of protecting and preserving our ocean for future generations to come.

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