The Alcala legacy lives on through three generations of gifted makers. From sand to glass, beads to clay, this family is fueled by creative expression and passionate about sharing their art around the world.


- David Alcala

    With humble beginnings rooted in California's central valley, David exemplifies the path of an artist. As a youth, he was drawn to the natural beauty and serenity of the ocean. He invented the art of 'Sand Tapestry' while experimenting with different colored sand inside terrariums and planter boxes. Once his newly discovered art was refined, David dedicated his life to sharing his art across the globe. Over the decades he built studios and galleries to create, demonstrate and display his works. After spending time in San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Arizona and Hawaii, David finally decided to call the Monterey Bay his home. While in Carmel, California he began kiln forming glass, and applied his sand pouring techniques to create solid glass sculptures. Though he spent many years as a prolific artist and creator, he discovered his true calling later in life as a teacher and instructor spreading his wisdom and inspiring all. David taught his glass fusing techniques to art students far and wide, throughout the United States and Europe.  Besides being an artist and instructor, he enjoyed relaxing with his wife Claudia, shooting pool, and working on his golf game. 


- Claudia Alcala

    When David and I met as young children, it was the beginning of a loving and lifelong friendship. I thought I would always be in an admin position/career, but I was told we all have some kind of creativity inside. David always believed that there was someone out there who would share his passion, trials and tribulations for the art and it was me. When he wanted to teach me the sand art technique, I knew I would be his running mate...Who better to work on lifelong goals and accomplishments than with the one you love...right? We were the first 'dream team'. We encouraged each other 100%. Even though this was my first chance at a creative outlet for $$$ (lol), I got to be a pretty good artist myself. David brought out the best in me and through his love I realized that beauty was not always in material things... but in nature, and in appreciation of the various forms of art. Through his artistic expression was how he truly saw life. He was the Yin, I was the Yang or is it the other way around(?) Happy and proud that I was a part of his journey, and he always believed that it IS all about the journey.   


-Markus Alcala

His skills are on display, as Markus captivates the crown during a live sand art demonstration in Maui, HI - July 20, 2018


- Sean Free Alcala

    Being raised by a family traveling artisans in Northern California, I have always lived a creative lifestyle. My father David introduced me to a glass fusing kiln over a decade ago and I have been hooked ever since. I have had the privilege to make, sell and share my creations from Las Vegas to Orange County and throughout the Monterey Bay peninsula. Today, fused glass is my primary medium of expression, but I love experimenting with sand, paint, wood and metal. Some of my pieces are on permanent display at the Museum of Dichroic Art in Orange, CA. I get daily inspiration from street art, landscape photography, ancient architecture and truly passionate people. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, riding my bike and being in nature.


- Desiree Gonzales-Alcala

    Ever since I could remember I've always gravitated towards anything arts and crafts. Dipping my hands into projects I find unique or different and coming up with my own spin. I especially experience this through my bead weaving when creating custom bead designs and with my glass etchings. It's something I'm happy to do and love to share. In my down time you can find me pampering the family pup Missy, thrift shopping for bargains, or having a girls night out on-the-town...of course lol! But the things I absolutely value the most are spending time outdoors on our Alcala Adventures and getting creative together as a family.


- Sierra Brielle Nay-Alcala

    Hello! Welcome to my section of the website. Anyway, I play around with so many different mediums that I just can't tell you all about each of them. I mainly do polymer clay and sewing projects. They are so different from each other, and I think that's why I like both. I started sewing almost six years ago, and I have been in love since. My best friend introduced me to polymer clay a little over a year ago. I am looking forward to selling my clay creations at craft fairs and online. I find that the things that inspire me the most are all things Kawaii, (that's 'cute' in Japanese) my various fandom and food. I have made my own clothing many times before, and I especially like making bags. After all, you can never have too many.