Clear Blue Faceted Statement Ring, Cocktail Ring, Hand Carved Chunky Ring, Modern Big Glass Ring

  • $70.00

Hand Sculpted Fused Glass Statement Ring, Bold Fashion Jewelry

Looking to make a bold statement?

Just for you..Deep Blue Crystal ring features stunning 3D design and modern faceted shape.
This piece was carved out of solid block of both tinted and opaque colored fusible glass.
No molds or resin materials were used to create this one of a kind 100% sculpted glass ring.
The look and feel resembles a tropical ocean, and is transparent in light.
You will notice the texture, bubbles and imperfect beauty that accentuate the handmade quality.
Dimensions: 30mm x 24mm x 12mm
Ring Size: US 5

Make your style your own, with this stunning conversation ring.

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