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           2 different bowls
           3 ways to smoke
What's up with this glass?

New kind of glass and a new type pipe

Cold sculpted from solid glass, 
these pipes look different 
because they are different.
What's the deal with "2x3" ?

Putting a fresh spin on classic function

Works Different

Traditional Pipe
Use the top side cone shaped bowl as a traditional hand pipe with front rush carb

Straight Chillum
Pack the front loading barrel bowl and hold like a pen shaped chillum with top trigger carb

Dual Bowl Chill-Pipe
...or light up both bowls at the same time for maximum hits!

Made Different

Solid Cast Glass
Layers of colored glass are slowly kiln cast to create a solid chunk that is never touched by a single flame.

Cold Work Sculpted
Each piece is meticulously cold worked, drilled, shaped and sculpted to give a smooth matte finish.

Unique Materials
The type of glass is unlike what typical pipe makers sculpt with, so the colors are extra bold and vibrant.

Do you 
like to roll?

Check our glass

joint holders

Still curious?

Answers to a few
good questions

Why haven't I seen these before?
These pipes are brand spankin new. We kept the lid on this project super tight because we wanted the initial drop to be legit with the right partners in place.
Why does the glass look unlike anything at my local headshop?
The glass we use is different than traditional flame worked soda line borosilicate pipes. They are cast from various layers of glass using truly innovative techniques. The cold working process creates a look that stands alone.
Where did the concept of 2x3 pipes come from?
During an elevated brainstorm session, we were searching for the perfect spot for the bowl. 
While looking at both pipes and chillums together, someone asked "what if the bowl was the carb, and the carb was the bowl?" Mind blown... and the 2x3 was born!
How long does it take to make a 2x3 glass pipe?
Each piece takes over 48 hours to create. The process involves glass cutting, layup, mutiple kiln fires, lengthy annealing, and extenstive tooling and cold working to sculpt each one of a kind 2x3 glass pipe.
Why should I support independent glass artists?
The glass pipe scene is growing like crazy and most headshops are filled with cheap imported glass. Buying real handmade goods helps support local artists and keeps small businesses thriving in our community.
Where can I get my hands on a 2x3 glass pipe?
Currently we are seeking relationships with established functional glass retailers within the cannabis community. We hope your favorite local shop will carry our glass and put the word out to glass heads everywhere!

Meet the Palmers

compact and discrete
fits right in your palm

see 2x3 Palmers

swipe and see...

This glass is a piece art

- The glass design is 100% original
- The method of construction is original.
- The hefty feel of solid glass is way nice.
- 3 ways to smoke in 1 pipe simply kills.

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2x3 pipe was discovered